The person owning this blog is currently mourning Allison Argent’s death.

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Original is here : also belongs to me. (as you well know,its also shared on Teen Wolf’s official facebook,twitter,and tumblr.big thanks!)


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I screen capped it and I was going to submit it to you but I couldn’t find your submit box :(

Oh :( Still, I heard it from sweet people like you,so I am very happy about it, love you!

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Anonymous whispered: Omg ! You'r really lucky guys :) I love your pictures really really much just keep going

Thank you sooooo much! <3

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best day for a fan heheh : )

my graphic on official teen wolf blog,twitter and facebook page

and i made this graphic in 5 min

so yeah

very glad and thankfuul

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Anonymous whispered: the official teen wolf facebook page posted on of your edit (with credit tho) bcos they liked it a lot, congrats bb :)

Oh,also on Facebook?! wow that’s great I just checked and there was 32,464 likes on it.

Thank you so much baby

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emperorderek whispered: you always create such beautiful graphics/gifs. bless you and your amazing talent!

Oh my god NO! So many super talented people in the teen wolf fandom but I am not one of them!

But you on the other hand, super amazingly nice for saying me this.

Thank you so so so much! <3

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the worst things in life come free to us.

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Anonymous whispered: dude if you are still having trouble with that one yutz who stole your work just contact tumblr, give 'em the timestamps of when you posted compared to the thief and they'll handle that shit.

that’s good idea, thank you very much mate!

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heroinehunter-deactivated201403 whispered: I was about to ask if you knew Teen Wolf twitter credited a reposter for your edit but banshiequeen had your back yo! Lol she told them to fix it on twitter. I hate reposters with a passion. So yay for them fixing it.

Ah I had no idea! I just learned it from you now! Wow thats really amazing.

And I had no idea Jazz had my back, I need to thank personally! And I THANK YOU personally for giving me this great news! 

Reposters suck and sometimes they even tag as “my stuff” lol no bitch it aint yours

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banshiequeen replied to your post: anonymous asked:mariakarlsson97//…

ugh reposters! I feel like if you’re bold enough to steal someones graphics/gifs you should be bold enough to leave your damn ask box open.

IKR? its like my least favorite kind of people. just leave that damn thingy open.

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Anonymous whispered: dude

yes bud?

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